Socks Roll

Socks Roll

Give a loved one not only love,
but also a few meters of socks!
Your text on the box will say for You.

Socks Roll
How does it work?

Socks Roll

Socks are pulled
out of the box
one after another!

No more mismatched socks!
Missing a sock?
Pull out another one!

Choose the design of the box,
select socks and write your own text
on the Socks Roll
and you can even add your photo 📷

Fold the socks again
After pulling all the socks out of the box, there’s a possibility to fold them again by scanning the QR code (inside the box) to watch a video or order a refill of socks.
Cotton - 95% Polyamide - 5%
Socks Roll is made of a hard cardboard premium quality box, closed with a magnetic flap, in white matte.

Options to choose

Socks Color

MIX (black+white)
Colourful patterned

Number of socks

from 10 pcs. to 40 pcs.


35 – 37
38 – 40
40 – 43
44 – 46
47 – 50



Text on the Box

Your own text on the box
emojis 😉

Gift wrapping paper

We’ll wrap your box with a beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon

Socks Roll

an exclusive, funny, and useful gift for people of all ages.
Socks are pulled out of the box one after another, like tissues and they always match to each other!

Socks by the meter and socks by the pieces are only at our store!
From 2,5 meters to 10 meters or from 10 pcs. to 40 pcs. of socks!

15 different boxes designs!
High personalisation!
Creat an exclusive gadget!

Is this the end of the page
or the beginning
of the perfect gift?